Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading: Books and eBooks
for Digicam Users

Recommended Reading: Books and eBooks for Digicam Users

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The Complete Guide to Digital Photography has always been one of Sterling's best-selling books on going digital--and, with over 600 illustrations, this completely updated edition contains all the information photographers need to create crisp images every time. Here are all the most exciting and up-to-date digital technologies, uncovered: larger-resolution sensors, built-in image stabilization, the latest improvements in cameras and lenses, printers and inks, and the newest versions of image-processing software such as Photoshop CS3. Other sections present the current developments in workflow managers like Lightroom, as well as analyses of raw-file development. A discussion of shooting and processing techniques offers advice on everything from portraits to still lifes. Written by one of the most bestselling and knowledgeable authors in the field, it's an indispensable reference!

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It's every photographer's dream: to take beautiful, high-quality portraits of family and friends. And with the multitude of easy techniques and tips provided by best-selling author and photographer Jenni Bidner, that goal is in sight. She provides an overview of the basics, including how to eliminate distracting backgrounds by decreasing depth of field, and modify the lighting, flash, or white balance settings to flatter your subject and diffuse facial flaws. You'll discover why changing the camera angle can make a huge difference in someone's appearance, how to place the subject using the "rule of thirds", and how to arrange small groups for a big visual impact. Whether you're photographing children for a holiday card, capturing a friend's wedding, or taking snapshots to feed your scrapbooking hobby, these strategies will improve your results!

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Aimed at serious photographers, this lavishly illustrated guide takes a close look at every detail of lowlight photography. Michael Freeman (The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, Mastering Digital Black & White Photography) offers in-depth analysis of the many techniques photographers must master for night and lowlight shooting. Point by point, he discusses how to keep the camera steady, what lenses and camera settings to use, and how to best apply flash, bracketing, image-stabilizing, vibration reduction, and noise reduction. He also outlines common lowlight situations, from stormy weather and deep shade to twilight, moonlight, city lights, and nightclubs. Finally, Freeman examines software programs and processes that will increase the quality of lowlight photographs.

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Epson is the company at the cutting edge of quality digital photo printing, and their superb equipment makes it possible for everyone to print sparkling photographs at home. With the help of Rob Sheppard, editor of Outdoor Photographer and PCPhoto magazines, amateurs can enter Epson's brave new world with all the latest information. This latest edition of the Epson guide reflects the increasing sophistication of ink jet printing, with its faster speed and better tonal and color reproduction. It helps today's photographers select a model that has the right features, choose from the new options of quality papers and inks, and succeed in creating excellent prints--and have fun while doing it. Sheppard passes on valuable knowledge on developing a consistent workflow, sizing and sharpening images properly, making black-and-white and panoramic prints, and much more. To complete the picture: the guide includes gallery sections from well-known photographers who are all Epson spokespeople and users.

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It's the latest and hottest technique, made possible only through digital. High Dynamic Range photography is the process of taking several pictures of a scene at various exposures, then merging them into one file. So the entire photo can look crisp and detailed, from highlights to midtones to shadows--and photographers needn't sacrifice any part of their image. And the best way to master this exciting technology is with this thorough, easy-to-follow, and visually spectacular guide. No other title does justice to these cutting-edge techniques, which actually take the viewer into worlds far beyond normal photography--sometimes even beyond normal human perception. Ferrell McCollough, a widely respected photographer, pushes the boundaries and inspires others to pursue their artistic vision, too. The amazing results simply can't be achieved any other way.

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"Better than the manual" Books and eBooks for
Canon, Olympus, Nikon and Sony digicams.

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