After setting up your printer and removing all of the protective shipping tape, it is time to install the included software and drivers on you computer. This introduction screen gets you ready to take on the process. It also gives you the option to change the install menu language before you get started.

Your first major decision is what to install. By default on my Windows 7 machine, all except for the XPS drivers were selected. Unless you know that you will need these drivers or do not wish to install of the included software, you should be ready to go.

Next you will have to decide if you will install the printer via USB or a Network connection. When installing by Network, you will then be asked if your network is wireless or not. The program will then continue to install and connect your printer to the computer.

The Maintenance page lets you clean the print heads, with options for a regular or a "deep" cleaning cycle; be warned, the latter uses much more ink to clean. There are options for aligning the heads, checking the print nozzles, setting the Auto Power Off time and other Custom Settings.

Instead of installing a bunch of icons to you desktop, Canon installed this convenient quick menu which can be put anywhere on the desktop. Shown above is the expanded version, by clicking on the arrows, you can shrink both stacks of icons into the corner. This handy menu keeps all of the main functions (Vertical: Creative Park Premium Page, Scan Settings, Scan with Auto Detect, Print w/ Selected Layout, Select a Layout, Slideshow and My Image Garden. Horizontal: Useful Functions, Display Notices, Ink Model Numbers, Buy Ink and consumables, Start My Printer, Onscreen Manual).

Clicking in the bottom right corner of the quick menu brings up the main menu system with all of the options available. Here the items are broken down by category, covering everything for the printer. The categories are: Print, Scan, Web Services, Manual & Device Information and Device Settings & Maintenance.

This window is the Slideshow window that is included with the software. This can be put anywhere on the Desktop and set to run any set of images on the computer.

My Image Garden is included printing software developed by Canon. The software allows you to organize, edit and print your images with ease. You will also find plenty of easy to use editing and effects options for quick fixes and fun prints.

The image editing menu allows for automatic and manual image editing. The automatic features include a total photo fix, red eye correction and face sharpening and smoothing. When you switch over to manual you have more control over the image colors and a few basic editing features. These controls are very easy to use, and the preview option allows you to test them out without saving; so you never have to worry about wrecking an image.

A very similar looking menu controls the creative special filters for enhancing your creativity. Your filter options are Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Soft Focus and Blur Background. All of these effects have three levels of adjustments, and like the editing menu, you can test them out without saving; so you can see what they look like without messing up an image.

When printing from the included software, you will see the menu shown above. This menu gives you all of the options that you would have if printing directly from the printer, with well categorized, easy to understand options and settings. Choices like printing the date, bordered or borderless and print quality with or without image correction are found here.

Finally, My Image Garden has the ability to save 1 or more images in a PDF file for you. This is an easy way to create an image file that will include all of the images you would like to email someone. You will be able to send all of the images as one file that is easy to see by almost everyone as Adobe Viewer is a pretty standard, and free program.