Ink System

Canon's snap-edge feature allows you to lift just the very front edge of the printer, giving you access to the ink tanks. Once open the print head will center itself in the middle for easy access. The individual color tanks snap in and out easily and the red LED light on the front assures that you have them installed correctly. When a tank is low, the LED will blink so you can easily find the color you are looking for.


Taking a closer look at the ink tanks, it is easy to see that Canon features a few extra tanks than most printers. It starts with the dye based and pigment based black inks. The pigment based will handle most of your document printing while the dye based is for photos. The other that might stand out is the gray tank. This gives the printer a greater range of colors and tones that it can produce, even in black and white images. Finally we see the traditional Cyan, Magenta and Yellow cartridges that will create the rest of your color tones. The individual color ink tanks give you the freedom to change the colors that run out, unlike some tanks that include all three color inks in one tank.

The Fine Print Head, found in the MG6320, is the first part of Canon's high quality printing process. With 1pl and 5pl nozzles, it has the ability to quickly and accurately print images and documents, giving you the incredible 15 imp black & white or 10 imp color speeds. Concentrating more of the finer nozzles allows the printer to slow down and greatly increase the quality of the print, using microscopic droplets of ink.

The new MG6320 uses Canon's ChromoLife100+ dye based ink system. These inks hold up incredibly well to most standard storage environments. They are more resistant to heat/humidity, environmental gases and they resist fading in most lighting conditions.

When these inks are combined with the latest Fine Print Heads and select Canon Photo Paper, the full ChromaLife100+ system comes into effect. With all of these combined, prints are capable of lasting 100 to 200 years when stored in an archival quality album in the dark. When combined with Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201, these images could last up to 300 years in the same conditions.

This ink system has also been shown to resist fading for up to 20 years, twice as long as the previous inks. Gases in the air, including Ozone (O3), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx) all cause inks to fade over time.