One of Canon's newest All-In-One printers, the MG6320 has been designed for home or small office use. It excels at both document and photo printing, and does so with excellent quality and speed. It features Canon's ChromaLife100+ ink system that gives you an incredibly long lasting and durable image that will last as long as any other you will find. Its other great features include Wireless networking, Snap Edge easy access to the ink tanks, 3.5-inch intelligent touch screen, and the capability to print from just about any wireless portable device including smartphones and tablets. 

Controlling the printer is as easy as ever thanks to intuitive menu system and easy to use 3.5-inch Touch LCD. What makes this so easy to use is that the LCD screen will only show you the relevant options for the task that you are working on. This cuts down on confusion and streamlines your operation. The LCD itself is easy to operate, with swipe and touch motions that allow you to control the entire system, which does not have any solid buttons. With the auto opening receiving tray, you never have to worry about leaving it open if you want to print from somewhere else. This is a great feature considering the large footprint of the printer. Anything that lets you save a little space is greatly appreciated.

Inserting an SD/SDHC/SDXC, CompactFlash or Sony MS Duo memory card into the built-in card reader was our fastest way of printing and just as easy as printing from the computer if you are not going to edit your images. Once a card is inserted, the images will show up on the LCD screen. Here you can choose which images, how many and the print settings for all of the images on the card. Once you have an image printing, you can continue to search and add images to print; you do not have to wait for one to finish to move on to the next. 

Canon's My Image Garden software, which is included with the MG6320 printer, makes it easy to organize and edit your images. All of the controls are easy to use and the program lets you preview all of your changes before you save them, taking all of the worry out of editing or applying filters. The easily accessible desktop menu gives you total control over the printer, including scanning with user defined or auto detection settings. PDF files can be made automatically for documents or collections of images to be emailed to others.

The overall print quality from the MG6320 is very good, making it difficult to tell an image printed from the printer at high quality compared to a processed photograph. The microscopic ink droplets and gray ink help to enhance colors and tones to give us better colors than normally found on a home inkjet printer. These images come out in a timely manner as well, which can be seen by our timing chart below. The only noticeable issue is the speed at which the printer uses ink, especially gray. While completing our tests, we were very surprised at how fast the ink goes. Another area where the MG6320 pleased us was with the overall resolution and quality of the scanner. With a maximum optical resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi, automatic scan settings and its ability to scan thicker sources like books, it is an incredibly useful tool.

Test print times were completed using a 24-megapixel JPEG image and HP Advanced Photo media. These are actual "click to drop" times meaning the timer starts when we clicked the Print button and stopped when the paper dropped in the tray. 
Input Source Paper Size Type Quality Time
Computer 4x6" bordered standard 0:50
Computer 4x6" bordered high 1:12
Computer 4x6" borderless standard 0:39
Computer 4x6" borderless high 1:24
SD card 4x6" bordered standard 0:30
SD card 4x6" bordered high 0:44
SD card 4x6" borderless standard 0:25
SD card 4x6" borderless high 0:54
Computer 8.5x11" borderless high 2:20
SD card 8.5x11" borderless high 2:09
Note: computer times measured with an AMD64 / Windows 7 computer using Wi-Fi connection, the first 17-18 seconds of our computer speed tests consisted of the time it took for the devices to communicate with each other.

Bottom Line - The Canon MG6320 All-In-One Photo Printer and Scanner produces excellent quality prints in a very timely manner. Its full wireless capabilities make it great for the home or any small office, and also allows you to print from almost any portable device and several cloud services as well. Its easy operation and automatic scanning takes all of the guess work out, helping streamlining your workflow. Coming it at US$199.99, the printer is very affordable, especially for the features and quality; just beware of the ink usage and prices of replacement ink tanks