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Press Release - January 7, 2009


New 64GB Internal Solid State Drive Marks a First in Digital Imaging Industry

LAS VEGAS, N.V., January 7, 2009 - Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today unveiled six new digital camcorders at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company further solidified its leadership in the high-definition category with the announcement of five new full-HD models and introduced its next generation YouTube compatible compact digital camcorder. Several of Samsung's new camcorders introduced at CES 2009 are also among the first to feature internal, flash-based Solid State Drives (SSD), providing higher capacity, and faster, more durable on-board memory.

H-Series: HMX-H100, HMX-H104, HMX-H105, HMX-H106
(These four were pre-announced on January 5th, 2009)

Samsung's H-Series of full-HD digital camcorders set a new standard for style and performance. The HMX-H106, Samsung's new flagship full-HD digital camcorder, is the world's first to feature an internal 64GB SSD (as of January 5, 2009). Samsung's renowned SSD technology offers a substantial advantage over the use of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) in a digital camcorder, providing consumers with higher performing and more durable internal memory. Samsung's SSD technology is more lightweight and compact, operates silently with very low heat emission, and features no moving parts, which significantly reduces overall power consumption and enhances reliability. No moving parts also make SSD technology more durable and resistant to shock and vibrations. Additionally, Samsung's SSD technology is faster than HDD, including quicker boot-up and read/write speeds which is required for the amount of data recorded in full-HD resolution. When actively reading and writing data, Samsung's SSD technology consumes approximately 1/8th of the power of a comparable HDD (estimated value with 3GB/second, 2.5 inch HDD, 5400 RPM).

The HMX-H105 and HMX-H104 offer 32GB and 16GB SSDs, respectively, and like the HMX-H106, also allow consumers to expand memory capacity using an SD/SDHC memory card. The HMX-H100 does not feature an internal SSD and requires the use of a SD/SDHC memory card.

The new H-Series full-HD digital camcorders also utilize H.264 compression, which significantly increases recording time. At full-HD resolution and when set to fine mode, users can record up to three hours directly to the 16GB HMX-H104, six hours to the 32GB HMX-H105, and an unparalleled 12 hours to the 64GB HMX-H106.

Each of the new H-Series full-HD camcorders feature a 1/4.5, 2.2 mega-pixel CMOS imaging sensor, a 10x optical zoom, high-quality Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens, and Optical Image Stabilization to help counteract shaky video and blur. Samsung's new H-Series camcorders also offer a direct connection for an HDMI cable, further simplifying the way HD video is viewed on an HDTV and eliminating the need for proprietary docking stations. Consumers can also utilize the camcorders to take more than just stunning high-definition video as each offers the ability to capture 4.7 mega-pixel digital still photos.


Samsung's newly introduced SMX-F34 is the company's next generation YouTube compatible compact digital camcorder. Building on the success of the well received SC-MX20, the SMX-F34 offers users substantial battery life of up to three hours, world-class Schneider optics, as well as added features and functionality, including built-in memory, digital still photo capability, and Samsung's 42x Intelli-Zoom. Significantly more reliable than a standard digital zoom which negatively affects the quality of the image, Samsung's new Intelli-Zoom allows users to go beyond the camcorder's 34x optical zoom without sacrificing image quality.

The SMX-F34 features a memory card slot for SD/SDHC and 16GB of internal flash memory. Thanks to H.264 compression, users can record up to eight hours of standard definition video when using the 16GB built-in memory.

The SMX-F34 offers a high-performance CCD sensor that delivers a resolution of 720x480, and features a Web & Mobile shooting mode that allows users to record in the exact format and resolution required by YouTube, resulting in faster upload times to the Web when sharing video with friends and family online. An additional feature that separates the SMX-F34 from its SC-MX20 sibling is its ability to capture digital still photos. A dedicated Photo mode allows consumers to use the SMX-F34 camcorder as a digital camera, snapping 800x600 resolution images.

The SMX-F34 will be available in four colors, including Midnight Black, Sunset Red, Galaxy Silver, and Deep Ocean Blue, all with silver trim, and will feature Samsung's exclusive swivel hand-grip, which effortlessly adjusts for regular and low angle shooting.


Samsung's new HMX-R10 is a CMOS-based full-HD digital camcorder that raises the bar for digital still photo capability. In addition to the ability to record full-HD video, consumers can also capture high-quality, nine mega-pixel digital still photos. The HMX-R10 also sets a new standard for ergonomics, featuring a unique form factor that allows users to hold the camcorder more comfortably. Thanks to the lens being angled at 25 degrees, the user can grip the camcorder in a more relaxed manner and record their subjects with ease, further reducing the stress on one's wrist. Users can also benefit from a 5x optical zoom and swiveling 2.7 inch touch screen LCD.


  • The H106 will be available in April 2009
  • The H105, H104, and H100 will be available in March 2009
  • The SMX-F34 will be available Spring 2009.
  • The HMX-R10 will be available Summer 2009.


About Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
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