Olympus Unveils Three New Digital PEN Cameras: Steve's Hands on First Look

That's right, Olympus has just introduced not one, but Three new PEN cameras. Two models (the E-P3 and E-PL3) are to be expected, as they replace existing models. However, the new E-PM1 (aka PEN Mini) is an all new animal, with the versatility of the Micro Four Thirds system stuffed into the smallest body from Olympus yet.

The E-P3 is their new flagship PEN camera, and it's easy to see why. This model combines the style and sophistication of the E-P1 and E-P2, with some of the popular offerings from models like the E-PL2; like a new Pop-up flash unit. While sporting similar resolution at 12-megapixels, the E-P3 boasts a redesigned Live MOS sensor and Dust reduction system, new TruePic VI dual core processor, a beautiful 3.0-inch OLED touchscreen, full 1080i video capture, and the "World's Fastest AF Speed" with an all new 35-point FAST AF system. To get more details on the E-P3, and to see some full resolution samples, check Steve's Olympus E-P3 Hands on First Look.

Next up is the E-PL3. This unit offers some notable upgrades over the extremely popular E-PL2, specifically the new TruePic VI dual core processor and 12.3-megapixel LIVE MOS image sensor, a tilting 3.0-inch LCD, and the same FAST AF system found on the E-P3. They've also added full 1080i video capture, along with a completely redesigned menu system. See our E-PL3 Preview for more details.

Last, but certainly not least, is the all new E-PM1. Olympus is dubbing this unit the PEN Mini; which is very appropriate name for this gem. Incorporating all of the major features found in its "big" brothers (sensor, processor, FAST AF, etc.) the E-PM1 is a super slim EVIL camera that's main focus is size. While it does lose some of the appreciated controls found on the E-PL3, it still boasts the same functionality and quality. Instead of a mode dial mounted on the top, Olympus has chosen a graphical interface instead. Shoot on over to our E-PM1 Preview for the full scoop.