What is a Grip Rod?

A grip rod is a useful camera accessory that many professionals do not choose to buy. These grip rods are not essential, but they can be used to make photography in certain situations easier.

Grip Rod Defined

A grip rod is a small rod which can be screwed into the tripod mounting socket on your camera. However, unlike a tripod, this is a single pole which can be gripped with your hand. This has a number of different advantages which can make it possible to get great shots with your camera. A grip rod is similar to a mono-pod but much shorter. This does not rest on the ground and is only supported by holding it in your hands.


There are also various attachments which can be included with the grip rod. These attachments will add extra stability to the camera by supporting it on your shoulder.

Easy to Transport

Grip rods are much easier to transport than a tripod. These offer you the chance to take stable photos without worrying about camera shake problems. These grip rods are also very easy for anyone to use, which makes them perfect for many photographers. While these are lesser known pieces of photography equipment, you should consider adding them to your photography kit.