What Does Flipshare Do?

Flipshare is a piece of software which comes bundled with Flip digital video cameras. This software is very easy to use to deal with the videos on your Flip video camera. Like the Flip cameras themselves, Flipshare is very easy for anyone to use.


One of the best features of Flipshare is organizing all of your videos. The videos can be downloaded to your computer when it is connected. It's then simply a matter of creating a new album and dragging and dropping the thumbnails into position.

All of your videos will be automatically stored in the same place on your hard drive. This makes finding the videos very simple and should mean that you won't lose any important videos.


The software also supports editing techniques. This makes it very simple to edit the videos on your computer. The videos can easily be trimmed and edited. Music tracks can also be added to the video to make it look much more professional. For people looking for an easier solution, they can use Magic Movie. This makes it easy to create a movie with a single click.


The most useful feature included in Flipshare is sharing. This makes it very easy to share your videos with family and friends. Videos can be uploaded to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and email.