TOP iPod Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

iPod Video Converter is a software that helps you to convert all the video files from the iPod into other formats, so they can be viewed on other devices. This converter has many features and some of them are discussed here through a brief overview.

Key Features

It enables you to view all your input video files, before the conversion. Thus, allowing you to correct and enhance your video files. Also, the software converts files at high speeds due to its fast processing quality. You can also sync both video and audio files for a high quality output. The software also provides for VFW codec encoding and a 5,1 channel output file, that help in getting professional quality output from the input files. Also, if you have more than one file with similar output requirements, then the converter saves you time with the batch processing mode.


Then you can select from a range of effects as an adornment for your output files and also adjust other parameters to enhance the quality of the output file. You can select and modify the video size, quality, frame rate, audio quality, channel and sample rates, as per your preference. Also, you can modify the file, so it will fit into a player of your choice. The iPod Video Converter also enables you to allocate the access directory as per your requirement.


The interface for this software is fairly simple with clear instructions, making it a very user-friendly software. All in all it is a great software with many features and definitely worth a try.