TOP DVD to AVI Converter: An Overall Look

TOP DVD to AVI Converter is a piece of software which can be used to convert DVD movies into AVI files. These AVI files can be played on computers and many different portable media devices. An AVI file is a very popular type of video file which can be used for films and TV shows.


The software works very quickly to convert DVDs to AVI files. DVD to AVI Converter can use multi-core processors to speed up conversion. This means that you will be able to quickly convert files on computers. The converter supports video taken from DVD-9, DVD-5 and IFO files. The videos can then be converted into various AVI standards, including both standard and high definition variations.

Selective Conversion

If you only want to convert part of the video, then this is also possible using TOP DVD to AVI converter. It's possible to select the chapter or chapters that you want to convert. It's also easy to simply convert the main feature rather than all of the content on the disk.

Easy to Use

TOP DVD to AVI converter is very easy to use. The software works very quickly and makes it very simple to convert videos. The user interface is designed in such a way that anyone can use it. There is also free technical support available in case you run into difficulties.


There is a preview window where you can quickly and easily review the footage that you are about to convert. It's also possible to take snapshots of the video and save them as BMP image files.