TOP DVD Clone: An Overall Look

TOP DVD Clone is a useful software package that can be used to copy DVDs. This makes it possible to backup all of your DVDs so that you can prevent them from becoming damaged. Your original films can be tucked out of the way. You can then use all of these backed up disks to ensure that you can always enjoy watching the films.

Copying DVDs

TOP DVD Clone can be used to copy DVD-5 and DVD-9 discs. When copying a dual layer DVD-9 disc, you can choose to either copy this to two DVD-5 disks, one DVD-9 disk or reduce the quality to fit it onto a single DVD-5 disc. It's possible to copy the entire disc or alternatively select the chapters or individual features that you want to copy.

Direct Copy

The software can be used to copy directly to a new disc. This is possible if you have two drives in your computer. If you only have one drive, then it's possible to temporarily copy the DVD onto your hard drive before copying it onto a new disc. This is the best way of using the software on a laptop computer.

Easy to Use

The TOP DVD Clone software is very simple and easy to use. This is a fast working copier which will produce exact copies. There is also 24 hour technical support available. The support can be contacted by email or phone.


The software can be run on any computer with a 1Ghz or faster processor, with at least 512MB of RAM. All versions of Windows are supported from Windows XP.