Shinesoft Video Cutter for Mac: An Overview

Shinesoft Video Cutter for Mac is sophisticated software for efficiently removing unwanted parts of a video without the need for re-encoding. The software can also convert to various formats and supports most of the popular video formats. It has an in-built video player for previews. The software needs an operating system of Mac 10.5 or later and 30 MB of free space on the hard drive. The RAM should be at least 512 MB, with a 16 bit card for graphics and a display resolution of 800x600 in Super VGA.

Supported Formats

Video Cutter supports a variety of popular video and HD video formats, including XviD, DivX, MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI, RM, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MKV and ASF.

Accurate Cutting and Preview

The software provides precise tools to make an accurate selection of the clip. While previewing the video, you can make a precise selection of the clip by setting the time. The B button lets you set the starting time, and with the E button you can set the end time of the required clip. By default, the starting time will be 00:00:00 and you can set the length of the video by specifying the end time.

Another way of making the selection is by dragging the slider bar across the required segment. During preview, you can also take snapshots of your favorite scenes and store them as image files in formats like PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP.

Output Customization

Video Cutter for Mac enables you to set your output parameters like size of the video, picture quality, audio and video bit rate, audio channels and so on. You can also set the output format you want for your clip.