Shinesoft MPEG to iPod Converter for Mac: An Overview

The Shinesoft MPEG to iPod Converter for MAC is a powerful software package developed for the MAC that provides a way to convert the widely used MPEG format used on computers into a viewable iPod format. With quality production and high speed, this converter also supports the conversion of high definition MPEG to iPod, presenting the option of viewing crystal clear HD video normally seen on desktop computers or laptops on the iPod. Additionally, this software also has many useful tools that can be implemented in customizing video or improving overall quality of the converted product.


The versatile Shinesoft MPEG to iPod Converter for MAC OS 10.5 or above provides a means of converting high quality video from the PC to view on the iPod, iPad or iPhone. With support for multi-core processors, users can take advantage of multi-threading which vastly improves the conversion process by allowing bulk conversions without tying up too many system resources. In conjunction with the quality conversion and powerful performance, this software also has an extremely easy to use interface that provides a means for users of all technical skills to comfortably utilize it.


This software comes fully-loaded with a wide range of useful tools that assist in customization and ensure the quality of the converted product. Some of these tools consist of: customizing output parameters as desired, previewing video prior to conversion to ensure the finished product will be what is expected, as well as the option of segmenting specific pieces of video to convert only the portion of a video clip or movie that you want without having to convert the entire thing.