Shinesoft HD Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

Shinesoft HD Video Converter makes it simple to convert standard definition videos into high definition. It's also possible to use this software to convert between the different high definition formats on your computer. When converting the video, it is easy to ensure that the footage is as high quality as possible.

Converting Process

When using this software to convert between video formats, it supports a number of different file types. These include HD WMV, HD AVI and HD MPEG. The program supports almost every high definition format available, which should make it very easy to convert any video you have. All standard definition video formats are compatible with the software. This includes AVI, MPEG and FLV. Because of this, it is possible to convert any video you downloaded from the Internet into high definition video, which will look much better on your HD TV. It also makes it possible to watch the HD videos on devices which only support standard definition video.

High Speed Conversion

The software is capable of utilizing processor multi-threading to speed up the processing of the video. The software is also capable of having a list of videos to convert. This batch processing capability is very convenient since the computer can be switched off automatically when all of the videos have been successfully converted.

The software can also be used with multi-core processors. This means when the software is used with high speed modern computers, such as dual core or quad core processors, the conversion will be much faster.