NTI Media Maker: An Overview

NTI Media Maker is a software with great tools that help you to create CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with a professional touch to them. It has many features and some of them are discussed here in this article.


It allows you to gather all your favorite pictures and compose them to be played as a movie or displayed as a presentation. Therefore, whether it is the wedding photos, vacation images or simply nice clicks, you can now arrange all of them, just the way you want, convert them into different formats and watch them as per your convenience.

Enhancement Tools

It offers a great variety of enhancement tools that allow you modify your images, rotate, skew, trim and even erase unwanted parts in a picture. You can add music to your creations and convert them into personalized CDs, DVDs and other disks.

Cinematic Features

These are features that enable you to enhance your images and give them a professional quality touch up. Also, the NTI Media Maker automatically makes small corrections to your videos or images and adds special transition effects for better presentation. It also allows you to copy and compress your favorite movies onto a DVD.