DeskShare Video Edit Magic: An Overview

DeskShare Video Edit Magic is a piece of software which can be used to edit digital videos. This is a powerful application but its also very simple to use. This software can be used to enhance and make your videos look much better and more professional.

Editing and Combining Video

DeskShare Video Edit Magic makes it easy to edit and combine many different types of video. These different videos include WMV, AVI, MPEG, MPG and MOV. The videos can also be used to combine the video tracks, making it possible to stitch them together. Videos can be imported from files stored on your computer, downloaded from the Internet, or imported from USB devices such as memory card readers or digital video cameras.


When this software is used to edit and touch up videos, it outputs the videos in MPEG format. This is a very popular video format because it is the type of format which is used to burn onto DVDs or VCDs.


DeskShare Video Edit Magic features advanced transitions which can be applied to the video scenes. These animations make the video look even more professional. There are also a number of visual effects which can be applied to videos.

Easy to Use

While the software is very powerful, it's also extremely easy to use. The user interface is well thought out and this makes editing and combining videos very simple.


The software makes it very easy to add titles and credits to your movies. This makes it easy to turn any movie into a professional production.