DeskShare Rip DVD: An Overview

You can use DeskShare Rip DVD to rip and convert DVD movies so you can transfer them to your portable device. This program is compatible with many portable devices including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, BlackBerry and Creative Zen. You will need to be running Windows 2003 or newer on your computer to use DeskShare Rip DVD.

Supported Output File Formats

DeskShare Rip DVD supports a wide variety of output file formats that are accepted by most portable devices and video game consoles. A few of the video file formats that this program supports are AVI, MPEG 4, MOV and WMV. The audio file formats that are supported by DeskShare Rip DVD include AC3, AAC, MP3 and MP2.

DVD Viewer

One of the best features of DeskShare Rip DVD is its built-in DVD viewer. You can actually use the DVD viewer to watch your DVD movies while they are being ripped and converted. Unlike other similar programs, DeskShare Rip DVD is not a resource hog, which means the speed of your computer will not change during the conversion process.

Video Editing Tools

You are also getting a powerful video editing program when you purchase DeskShare Rip DVD. A few of the video editing tools that are included with this program are crop, trim and adjust brightness and contrast. You may have noticed that many new DVDs feature black bars on the outside of the movie. You can use the crop tool that comes with DeskShare Rip DVD to remove those black bars, which makes it easier for you to view your DVDs on your portable device.