AVCLabs Any Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

AVCLabs Any Video Converter can be used to convert a range of different video files into formats which can be played back on many different MP3 and MP4 players. This is a very useful piece of software for anyone who wants to enjoy their videos on the move even when they're not near a computer or television.


The software offers high speed conversion from a number of different video formats. These formats include MPEG, WMV, FLV, MP4 and MOV among many others. The videos can be converted into a format which is suitable for all popular MP3 players. The support includes the iPod, iPhone, Zune, Xbox 360, Creative Zen and virtually any other portable media player.

Unlike many similar applications, this one can be used to convert lots of different devices. This isn't device specific which means you can keep it even if you upgrade your media player.

Batch Conversion

The software supports batch conversion. Batch conversion allows you to create a list of videos to convert. This makes it possible to leave your computer to convert all of the videos while you are not using it. It's also possible to set the computer to automatically shut down after it has finished converting all of the files.

Easy to Use

The AVCLabs Any Video Converter is a nicely designed application. This means that it is very easy for anyone to use. If you are familiar with Mac applications, then you shouldn't have a problem using this.

If you do experience any trouble using the application, then you will be able to contact technical support. Technical support is available via email or phone for free.