4 Key Features of NTI Media Maker

NTI Media Maker is a sophisticated software suite with various applications for your digital media. With this software, you can convert, edit, copy, share and make backups of your video, audio, data and image files. The software works on Windows 7, XP or Vista operating systems. Here are some of its key features.

1. Video DVD Creation, Editing and Authoring

NTI Media Maker provides all the controls and tools required for creating, editing and authoring your videos. You can import your videos from any source, including your camcorder or camera, and edit them. Then, author your movie with menus and chapters and burn it onto a DVD, VCD, CD or Blu-ray disc.

2. Audio CD and DVD Creation

For your audio collection, you can create CDs or DVDs along with the required data like song name, artist, album name and so on. The software also provides a powerful audio editor with features like amplify, trim, filter, fade and so on. For burning to CD or DVD, the software will automatically convert audio formats like WMA, MP3, WAV or OGG to the required compatible format. The software also provides live audio recording from your built-in or attached microphone.

3. Photos and Slideshows

Import your photos and create slideshows complete with music and transition effects. You can burn them onto discs or create a HTML album for uploading to various websites. You can also print your photos and add them as attachments to your email.

4. Compressing, Copying and Burning

NTI Media Maker provides a complete solution for copying and creating backups. The software can compress a movie on a dual-layered DVD disc to make it fit onto a single layer DVD-R disc. The copying function makes an exact copy of a CD, VCD, DVD or Blu-ray disc without compromising on the original quality. The software also has a powerful burning engine which enables you to burn multiple discs at the same time.