4 Key Features of Easy Screen Capture Video

Easy Screen Capture Video is a professional program for real time recording of any activity on your screen. This software provides the ideal solution for making instructional or demonstration videos on your computer. Here are some of its key features.

1. Pre-Define Area for Screen Capture

The software is able to capture all activity on your screen in real time including keystrokes, mouse pointer movements and any changes in application. Apart from this, you can also select a particular region on your screen for recording. This area can be defined by inputting the width and height of a rectangular area or by dragging across the required area with your left mouse button. 

2. Automatic Panning

Recording can also be set to automatically pan and capture the area where the mouse cursor goes. This will focus your recording on the areas with the most activity. The speed at which the panning follows the mouse cursor can be adjusted as per your requirements.

3. Customization of Cursor

The software provides you with 30 different cursors from which you can choose, or you can select something from your own source. The area highlighted by the cursor can also be customized according to the shape and size required. The software also provides controls for configuring keyframe and adjusting the video quality.

4. Compatibility

Easy Screen Capture Video is compatible with all the popular Windows 32 bit operating systems. The captured video is recorded in AVI format and you have the option of playing the recorded video immediately after the recording is over, as the software has an inbuilt player.