4 Key Features of Camera Plus Pro

Any iPod touch will take pictures more effectively with the installation of the Camera Plus program. Not only is it easy to use, it makes taking videos and pictures simple, and saving, editing and filing a snap. Users are already raving about how good a program it is and are highly recommending it to other iPod owners. Here are some of the Camera Plus Pro's key features that have been receiving glowing reviews:

1. Easy Navigation and Controls

Whether scanning through your photos or shifting from still shoots to video, it takes only a few taps on your iPod’s screen. You can customize your video or photography functions easily and even sharing your images is a breeze with the simple file management features.

2. Photo Editing

You can change image filters, crop and rotate photos, and apply multi-level flash too. Photo quality can be edited by changing the saturation, hue and contrast of your shots.

3. Video Filters

Change the color scheme of your videos with Camera Plus Pro’s instant video filters. The selections include different hues such as Mirror, Vintage and much more.

4. Additional Shooting Capacity

Let your iPod take second by second pictures with the Camera Plus Pro’s burst features. There’s a Live Zoom feature which can focus on specific areas and also a Timed Feature. Plus, the Anti-Shake feature guarantees a good shot even when on the move.

Simply shoot, edit and share--more and more iPod and iPhone users are trying their hand at video and photos because of Camera Plus Pro. It’s one of the best video and photo software programs offered online and is well worth ordering to upgrade your iPod and expose the photographer in you.