3 New Flipshare 4.5 Features

Flipshare is software that helps you upload, edit, watch and even share your videos with family and friends. The new version, Flipshare 4.5, has more features and a few of them are discussed below.

1. Flip Channel

This feature allows you to create videos and share them via different channels or sites like Facebook and other similar sites. Therefore, once a video is ready, you can choose the channels through which you would like to share it and you are done. Also, it allows you to personalize the channels by selecting to send the videos only to a few people. All you need to do is select the channel and provide the desired email links.

2. Flipshare Library 

The revised version also allows you to move your created library as per your preference, without any problem. Therefore, no matter where you want to create and save your library, this software enables you to do just that.

3. Recovering Videos

Flipshare 4.5 also equips you with a tool to recover flipped videos with the back-up location of the software. So, if you are worried about lost data, now you can find it in the back-up folder.