When to Consider a Refurbished Canon Camera Instead of Repair

Canon repair camera

In some cases, you should consider a refurbished Canon camera instead of repair. If the cost of having your camera repaired is too high, you should go with refurbished. You should also go with a refurbished Canon camera if you no longer have a warranty on your current Canon camera or if you are simply looking to upgrade your Canon camera. Canon cameras are high quality cameras that are built to last many years, so more often then not, it will be worth having the camera repaired. Of course, you could also purchase a new Canon camera if you wanted to, but you will get more bang for your buck with a refurbished Canon camera.

1. Cost

Unless you have some sort of attachment to your Canon camera, you should not have it repaired if the cost is too high. For example, if it will cost you more to repair the camera than it will to buy a refurbished Canon camera, then you should not have your Canon camera repaired. Before you make a decision, make sure that you get an estimate from a couple of different authorized Canon repair centers so that you can compare costs to see if going with a refurbished Canon camera is the right decision for you. After you have purchased a refurbished Canon camera, you may even be able to sell your old Canon camera online for parts to make some of your money back.

2. Warranty

If your Canon camera no longer has any form of warranty on it, then you should consider a refurbished camera. Generally speaking, if you were to get your Canon camera repaired, you would only get a 90 day warranty on whatever was repaired. With a refurbished Canon camera, you will get at least a 90 day warranty on the entire camera. Plus, Canon puts their refurbished Canon cameras through multiple tests before putting them up for sale. With a new Canon camera, it is only looked at once before it is put up for sale. When you think about it, purchasing a refurbished Canon camera is like purchasing a new Canon camera because you know that you're getting a camera that has been inspected and is fully functional.

3. Upgrade

Having to get your Canon camera repaired is a great reason to upgrade to a better Canon camera. Of course, if it is only going to cost a few bucks to get your Canon camera repaired, then you should probably get it repaired. However, if you are going to have to invest a decent amount of money in the repair of the camera, then you might as well put that money towards a refurbished Canon camera that is better than what you already have. There is nothing better than getting a new toy to play with and you'll enjoy the photo quality that you will get from an upgraded refurbished Canon camera.