Troubleshooting a Sanyo Digital Camera

As technology has evolved, it has become easier to troubleshoot a Sanyo digital camera. Most of the issues that will arise with your Sanyo digital camera will be basic in nature. This guideline will give you directions for troubleshooting basic Sanyo digital camera issues.

No Power

If your Sanyo digital camera will not turn on or if your camera turns off unexpectedly, you will need to change the batteries in your camera. If you are using rechargeable batteries, they typically take at least six hours to fully charge. Remember, you should always use batteries of the same brand, and you should never mix old batteries with new batteries.

Can't Save Pictures

Your Sanyo digital camera only comes with so much internal memory. If you are unable to save pictures, it is likely that there is no internal memory left in your Sanyo digital camera, which means you will need to insert a memory card. Most Sanyo digital cameras use SD memory cards. The memory card slot is found in the battery compartment on Sanyo digital cameras.

Blurry Photos

While blurry photos can be caused by many issues, the main cause is being in the wrong mode. Take a look at the mode dial on your Sanyo digital camera to ensure that you are in the right mode. For example, if you are taking action shots, you should be in sports mode. If your photos are blurry, you could also try turning the flash on your Sanyo digital camera on or off.