Three Popular Websites for Canon Repair and Parts

There are plenty of websites for Canon repair and parts online. When you are buying Canon parts, you want to make sure that you are buying genuine OEM parts. If you are getting your Canon camera repaired, you should make sure that the company you use provides a warranty on their work.

1. Canon

You can purchase parts and have your camera repaired directly through the manufacturer of your camera, Canon. To obtain a repair estimate, simply fill out the form on the Canon website. You will need to call Canon directly to order parts for your camera.

2. Darn Toothy Sam

Darn Toothy Sam has been selling camera parts and servicing cameras since 1999. To purchase Canon parts from Darn Toothy Sam, simply select the model number of your camera and look for the part that you need. Darn Toothy Sam offers a 120 day warranty on all Canon camera repairs that they perform, as well.

3. Camera Repair

Camera Repair will give you a free estimate for repairing your Canon camera if you fill out the form on their website. A 6 month warranty is provided on all Canon camera repairs that are performed by Camera Repair. Camera Repair also sells used Canon cameras and new Canon camera parts.