Properly Identifying Digital Camera Problems

Digital camera problems can be quite frustrating, and if you are able to identify them properly, you can also find their solution. Here are few points to consider when you are trying to identify the problem.

Error Messages

Many digital camera users have encountered this problem and in most cases it is due to the lens not being aligned properly. Error messages will come up on the LCD screen, and you will not be able to focus properly resulting in blurry pictures. For this, a realignment of the lens is needed or you can reset the guide pins of the zoom barrel. This problem also occurs if your camera has been hit or dropped, or some particles of sand or dust have gotten caught around the lens barrel. 

Does Not Switch On

If your camera does not switch on after you have pressed the on button, then most probably the batteries have been drained. Even if after replacing the batteries you encounter the same problem, then your memory card might be full. Also try attaching the camera to the AC adapter and see if it comes on. If all these options do not work, then your camera needs to be tested by a professional.

Does Not Take Photos

Sometimes a camera will not take photos when you press the shutter button. Here you need to see if you have set the camera on review or playback mode. Check if the memory card is compatible with your camera and is not full. Check batteries and also make sure that the flash is not still charging.