Operating a Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera is a unique type of camera. Unlike most cameras which capture light, a thermal camera will capture the heat coming from an object. The heat is displayed on a screen and can be used to make a photograph. There are many different applications for thermal imaging cameras that they are very useful. A thermal imaging camera can be used to detect any heat loss escaping a home.

Switching on the Camera

Modern thermal imaging cameras aren't that much bigger than regular digital cameras. These are also powered in the same way, by using batteries. You will need to fully charge the batteries and then switch the camera on.

Taking Photos

Now you will need to aim the camera by pointing it and looking through the screen. This will show you the thermal heat signature coming from the different objects in the scene. You will need to keep an eye on the screen because you won't be able to see this information without it.


Once the camera is positioned in the correct spot, you can then either start recording or taking photos of the heat signatures. You will then be able to review the photos on the screen of the camera straight away. The photos can also be transferred to your computer easily by connecting it with a USB cable.

Thermal cameras can be used to find out how hot something gets, where heat is escaping or just for interesting photos. They are also used by law enforcement to try and find people who are hiding. These are very useful cameras which are certainly worth learning how to use.