Guide to Finding Used Camcorder Parts

Anyone trying to repair camcorders will need to find a source for camcorder parts. These components are often very expensive, which is why many people consider buying used parts. These used parts are normally much cheaper and better value for your money. As long as you choose parts carefully, it should be possible to find components which last just as long as new components.

Internet Auction Sites

One way of finding used camcorder parts is by searching on Internet auction sites. These sites, such as eBay, often have lots of spare parts. You will have to be lucky to find the parts that you need on these sites.

Donor Camcorders

If you can't find the parts that you need, then you could consider buying donor camcorders. These are easy to find on Internet auction sites. You could try and find a camcorder which has a different fault to yours. For example, if your screen is broken, then you could shop around for donor camcorders which have broken lenses.

Specialist Shops

There are also a number of specialist camera and camcorder repair stores. These will stock a wide range of different spare parts which are suitable for use with your camcorder. Another advantage of buying from specialist shops is that you can get advice if needed.