Digital Camera Warranty Repair: Local Shop vs. Manufacturer

When comparing camera repair for digital cameras, you will need to investigate the different options available. You could take the camera to a local repair store or return it to the manufacturer. You will need to compare the different options to ensure that the camera is repaired properly.


All new cameras will come with a minimum warranty, whether it's six months, one year or longer. This means that if the camera becomes faulty during this time, then it will be repaired for free. The manufacturer should be given the chance to repair the camera.

Manufacturer Repair

If your digital camera is still in warranty, then you should send the camera back the manufacturer. This will take a long time to be finished. There are two advantages to allowing the manufacturer to repair the camera. Firstly, they will do it for free. The second thing is that the camera's warranty will not be destroyed.

This repair will also ensure that your camera is repaired without causing any additional damage. It also means that the repairs will be covered by a warranty.

Local Repair Shop

If you take your camera to a local repair shop while it is still under guarantee, then you will still need to pay for the repair. That is unless they are an authorized repair center. You will also find that the warranty will be voided by unauthorized people opening the case.

When you have a faulty digital camera, then you will need to send it to the manufacturer to get it fixed. This will be helpful because it will ensure that the camera is fixed properly for free. It also means that the cameras warranty will not be affected.