Digital Camera Troubleshooting: Camera Maintenance

Digital camera troubleshooting will be a whole lot easier for you if you properly maintain your camera. Camera maintenance is actually very easy and shouldn't cost you a penny. Cameras are intricate electronics, which means they need to be treated with care. Below you will find tips for keeping your camera in its best possible working condition.

Dirt and Sand

You should never allow your digital camera to come in contact with dirt and sand. Dirt, sand and other particles are known for becoming lodged in the lens of your camera, which can become costly to fix. If you keep your digital camera in a case, which you should, you should vacuum the case every once in awhile to remove any debris that has gathered.


As with any electronics, you do not want liquid coming in contact with your digital camera, unless you have a waterproof digital camera. Liquids can easily short out a digital camera, which makes the camera useless. If you are using a digital camera cleaning solution to clean your camera, put the liquid on a microfiber cloth instead if applying it directly to your digital camera.


It is always nice to take photos of the sky, but you should not let the sun beam down on your camera lens for an extended period of time. If you have a digital SLR camera, you should avoid letting the sun beam down on your camera lens at all. Sunlight has been known to damage the image sensors in digital cameras. If it is hot out, the sun could even cause your digital camera to catch fire.