Canon Lens Repair: When to Return to the Store or Send to Canon

Canon lens repair is a hot topic for anyone who has a lens which doesn't work as it should. Lenses are expensive and so repair services will help to extend the life of your lens. If you have a Canon lens which has stopped working, then you will need to know when to get it repaired by Canon and when to send it to a third party.

If the Lens is under Warranty

If your lens breaks while it is still under warranty, then you should always send the lens to Canon. This is for two very important reasons. Firstly, the lens will be repaired for free under the terms of your warranty. The second reason is because your warranty will not be affected by the repair.

If anything is still under guarantee, then it is vital that you send it back to the manufacturer. Otherwise, you will be paying more than you need to and also stopping your warranty. If your lens isn't under warranty, then the decision is up to you.


Canon will almost always be more expensive than third party repair stores. If you are looking for a cheap way to repair your Canon lens, then you might consider sending it or taking it to a third party.


Canon repair stores are much more experienced and familiar working with Canon lenses and cameras. This means that while they are more expensive, they are much more trusted. There is very little chance for them to damage your lens further and they should actually be able to repair it.