Canon Camcorder Parts: Comparison Between Buying from a Retailer or Canon

A faulty camcorder can normally be repaired by buying Canon camcorder parts. These spare parts and components can be brought from a retailer or directly from Canon. You will need to consider a few points when deciding where to buy the spare parts from. By deciding this, you can ensure that you're buying the correct parts.

Official Parts

It's possible to buy compatible unofficial and official parts. The official parts are always available directly from Canon. These official parts are made of the highest quality and are the exact same parts which were already fitted to your camera when it was new. Other cheaper parts are available from other retailers. These parts are normally made to the same standard as the original, but it's not guaranteed.

Cheaper Options

If you are looking for a cheap option, then you might want to consider buying from the retailer stores. These stores will provide good service at a cheaper price.


When buying spare parts, sometimes you need them right away. The only way that you will be able to get these is from a retailer. Buying the components from a retailer makes it possible to pick them up and use them on the same day. When buying from Canon, you will normally need to wait for the components to be delivered by mail.

Asking for Advice

Another advantage of buying from a retailer is that you can get advice. This means that if you're not sure about which parts you need or how to install them, you can ask. Asking a retailer for advice can be very helpful.