Camera Troubleshooting: When the Picture Quality is Low

Camera troubleshooting can be difficult at times if you're not sure exactly what could be causing the problem. If you are experiencing problems with the picture quality of your photos, then there are a number of potential causes of this.

Cleaning the Lens

Sometimes the deterioration of quality can be something as simple as dirt build-up on the lens. This is more common if you are taking photos using a camera phone. Buy a specialist lens cleaning cloth to carefully remove all of the dirt and grime from your camera lens.

Changing Batteries

With some digital cameras, the pictures can be damaged if you replace the batteries before you download them to your computer. This isn't a very common problem, however, if you experience streaks on your images, then this could be the problem.

Other digital cameras will stop working properly when the batteries are low. While they might seem to be working properly, there is often a noticeable deterioration in the quality of the images captured.


It is possible to adjust the quality of the images in the settings for your camera. If this has been set in a low resolution mode, then this could be the cause of the problems. Increase the resolution shooting mode by going through the menu options in your camera.