Authorized Camera Repair: Benefits of a Third Party Service

There are lots of different camera repair services to choose from. You will quite often need to decide whether to use an authorized repairer or a third party repair store. There are advantages of each of these services. This article will look at the benefits of using a third party repair service.

If your camera is out of guarantee, then you should consider using a third party repair service. Do make sure that you compare all of the stores available and choose one that has a good reputation.


Sending your camera to an authorized repair center is going to take a long time to fix. Normally it takes at least a few weeks for them to start looking at it. Then, it can take another few weeks before you actually get the camera back. A third party repair store is a quicker alternative. Because these stores are smaller, they have much less of a work load.

Drop in and Collect

Unlike most official repair options, you don't need to use the post office. This means that you will be able to drop the camera into a third party repair store and then collect it when it's repaired. Not only does this save some money, but it also minimizes any damage that could be caused to your camera.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing a third party repair store is that they are almost always much cheaper. Because these do not have to pay expensive authorized technicians, they can do the job for less money. Many of these will do just as good job as an authorized repairer.