35mm Camera Repair: Mail Order vs. Local Shop

Anyone looking for 35mm camera repair options will need to consider whether they should use mail order services or local stores. There are differences with each of these that you will need to think about. Choosing carefully will help you get your camera working again as quickly as possible.


If your camera is still in guarantee, then you should always return it directly to the manufacturer through the mail. Sometimes there might also be official service stores in your area. As long as an authorised technician looks at the camera, it will not damage the warranty. It should also all be covered by the guarantee meaning that it will be free.


The benefit of a local shop is that you can normally leave your camera there and pick it up in a couple of days. This will depend on how busy they are. However, it means that you don't need to wait for it to arrive in the mail.


Most mail order camera repair centers are significantly cheaper than local shops. This might be something that you are interested in.


When mailing off your camera, you do not really know where you are sending it to. This makes it slightly more risky. However, if you take it into a store, then you should be aware of the expertise and the professionalism of the repair shop.