3 Good Thermal Imaging Camera Models

Thermal imaging camera can detect and produce images in absolute darkness, light snow, rain and fog. The efficacy of the camera will depend on its various features and also the weather conditions. Here are three good thermal imaging camera models:

1. Flir B40

The Flir B40 scores in having the best minimum focus distance at 0.12 meters, with a field of view of 25 x 25 degrees. Although it has a temperature range of +120 to -20 degrees centigrade, its thermal sensitivity is less than 0.10 degrees at +25 degrees centigrade and a good accuracy of +/-2 degrees centigrade. The camera comes with a 3.5 inch LCD color display which is fixed. It does not have any internal storage capacity, but comes with SD capacity of 1 GB.

2. ToughCam EL

The ToughCam EL has an excellent thermal sensitivity at less than 60 mK and a temperature range of -20 to +250 degrees centigrade. It has an in-built storage for 100 images with no facility for extended storage. The camera is capable of video output with auto tracking and has a Min/Max Average. The image display is a 2.8 inch color HD LCD with a rotation of 270 degrees.

3. Fluke TIR

The best feature of the Fluke TIR is the availability of four Palettes and an extended SD storage capacity of 2 GB capable of storing 1200 images. The thermal sensitivity is less than 0.1 degree at 30 degree centigrade and an accuracy of +/- 5 degrees centigrade. The camera falls short on the temperature range, which is between -20 to +100 degrees centigrade. The minimum focus distance is six inches and a resolution of 160 x 120. The image display is a fixed VGA 3.6 inches LCD.