3 Common Problems for an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

An infrared thermal imaging camera is a very useful type of camera. Instead of capturing light, these cameras work by capturing heat signature of objects. There are a number of uses for this. These cameras are used to solve a number of different problems. They can be used to detect heat escaping a home. They can also be used to search for mold which may affect your home.

There are a number of potential problems which can affect users who are using thermal imaging cameras. While these work in a similar way to digital cameras, it's still important to consider troubleshooting.

1. Camera Won't Switch On

Thermal imaging cameras normally work using battery packs. If your camera won't switch on, then it's probably because the batteries are flat. Try charging the batteries using the included battery charger. If you often find your camera running out of power, then you might want to consider buying extra batteries.

2. Camera Can't Detect Heat Signatures

If your thermal imaging camera cannot detect heat differences and signatures, then it could be because it is not calibrated or set up correctly. Read through the instructions to understand the settings menu. It should be possible to adjust the sensitivity.

3. Screen Not Showing Video

Most thermal imaging cameras have a screen on the back which makes it possible to aim the camera. If the screen isn't showing any video, then this could be because of a few different reasons. You should first check that it isn't disabled in the settings menu. Otherwise the problem could be caused because of a broken or faulty LCD screen.