The Easy Way to Shoot Lightning Photography

Lightning photography can be unique and special. No two photos of lightening will be exactly the same. This is because they are random and look different every time. The problem with lightening photography is that you need very fast reflexes to capture the lightening as it strikes. There is however a much easier way to capture great lightning photography even if you're not as quick as you need to be. This simple trick will use equipment to make up for slow reflexes.

Getting Equipment

Most of the equipment that you need for lightening photography is fairly basic and simple. You will need a DSLR camera or any camera with a tripod mount. You will also need a tripod to hold the camera still for the photos to be taken.

Setting the ISO

You will need to set the ISO of the camera so that the lightning bolts will be displayed clearly. It's easiest to start with an ISO of 100 and then see how the lightning looks. You will then be able to adjust the ISO when you take some photos.

Shutter Speed

The easiest way to capture lots of lightning bolts is to use a slow shutter speed. This can only really be done at night but will work quite well. This leaves the shutter open for longer which increases the number of lightning bolts which should be captured on film. This also means that you don't need lightning fast reflexes.