Making Your Own Cloud Photography Book

If you want to make a cloud photography book, then the most difficult part may be taking the cloud photographs. To do this, you need a good digital SLR camera, a tripod and a polarizing filter. Once you capture your photographs, then you can easily convert them into a digital photography book using one of the online digital photo book websites. These websites are designed for the beginner and are easy to use.

Capturing the Cloud Photographs

To capture great cloud photographs, you need to manipulate the settings on your camera. First, open up your aperture to let more natural light in. Clouds diffuse sunlight so it’s not as harsh. But, you don’t want to use your flash since it could over-expose your images. Instead, manipulate the aperture and also lower your ISO, which also helps increase the amount of available light.

Try using a polarizing filter if your images look hazy. This is due to the sun peaking through the clouds and it affects the overall look of your image, usually for the worse. Finally, set up your camera on a tripod to reduce shaking. Even if your hands are steady, you have a little bit of shaking going on. A tripod eliminates this shake.

Picking Your Photographs

Once you take your photographs, pick which ones that you want to use for your book. You can’t use all of them unless you are willing to pay a lot of money. Usually, for the flat fee book price, you have a maximum of 20 pages, oftentimes with only one or two photographs per page. If you go over this amount, you have to pay extra.

But, even if you do want a few extra pages, don’t go overboard. Most people don’t want to wade through a very large album. And, if you are doing this professionally, then you want to showcase only your very best pictures. So, look at each photograph with a discerning eye and pick the best.

Organizing Your Book

The layout is completely up to you. Just make it look nice and not too cluttered. Pick a theme that is simple and complements your images. For clouds, this may be dark blues, black or even forest greens. Don’t have any or too many elements in the background. The goal is to focus on the photographs, not the background.

You can layout your photo book based on the time of day, where the pictures were taken or day sequence. All of the online photo book websites have a drag and drop feature. So, simply select your photograph and drag it into place. Then, you can add frames to your photographs for further emphasis.

You can play with your photographs and photo book as much as you want and save it without paying a fee. You only have to pay when you order your book. It’s free to use these sites otherwise.

Printing Your Photo Book

Once you are done, then you should preview your photo book one last time. Make sure that everything looks good, and then you can go ahead and complete the process.