Making a Snow Photography Book

Snow photography presents the photographer with some unique challenges which will need to be overcome. Photographs in snow are very beautiful and will look completely unique. If you are interested in making a snow photography book, then you will need to understand how to take these photos.

Snow is one of the most instantly recognizable sights of Winter. Anyone trying to create something which will remind them of winter should make a snow photography book. These photography books are very easy to make if you know how best to take the photos of snow scenes.

Photographing Snow

Photographing in snowy conditions can be very tricky. This is because the snow will act like a huge mirror which collects and reflects the light. This creates unique challenges which you will need to deal with. It is however worth dealing with all of these problems because photographing snow can create some fascinating photographs.

The Right Equipment

When you are photographing anywhere, it is much easier if you have the right equipment. This will make it much simpler to take higher quality photos without needing to bodge anything. You can use a fairly basic DSLR camera although a number of features are useful. You will find it useful to choose a camera which has a tripod mount and also a clear screen. Make sure that the screen can be viewed easily under natural sunlight.


One of the biggest problems with photographing in snow is that extra light will enter your camera. To deal with this, polarizing and UV filters can be attached to the lens. These filters will restrict the amount of light entering the lens which will make it easier to take photos without worrying about glare.

Protecting Your Camera

When shooting in cold weather conditions, you will need to look after your camera. It's important that you prepare your camera so that it doesn't break down without warning. The camera can be put inside a plastic bag to prevent problems with condensation forming inside the camera itself.

You also need to ensure that you charge your batteries up fully. During Winter conditions, your camera will use much more power which means you should consider having spare batteries with you. You also need to be very careful to prevent problems with ice and snow causing damage to your camera. If there is any ice or snow on the camera, then this should be removed quickly.


The next step involves taking photos and editing them using computer software. Be sure to adjust the white balance manually to ensure that the best photos of the snowy conditions are taken.

Making the Photo Book

When you have captured the photos that you want to use, you will then need to make your photo book. Making a photo book is actually very easy. There are a number of useful online services which can help you to design and build your unique snow photography book.

You will be able to buy photo books which are either hard or soft back. This makes it very simple to produce a high quality professional looking snow photography book. You will also be able to use these services to order reprints of the same photo books.