Making a Plant Photography Book

If you enjoy plant photography, then you should share your photographs with friends and clients. Photography books allow you to share your photographs with friends. If you are a professional photographer, it gives your clients something to flip through when at your studio. You can quickly and easily make photo books if you go through photo book making websites.

Choose Your Plant Photographs

Photography books should showcase your best work. Go through your photographs with a discerning eye. If you have several photographs of the same flower, then compare both of them side by side to figure out which one is better.

Pick about 20 of your best photographs. This is usually the maximum number of photographs that you can buy for the minimum set price. If you have more than the minimum, then you’ll have to pay extra for those pages.

Figure out Your Layout

Once you select your photographs, then figure out how you want to lay them out. For example, if all the photographs were taken on the same day, then you can lay out the photographs based on the time of day that they were taken. Start with all the morning shots and work your way through to the evening.

Or, just have fun and layout your plant photographs based on which ones you like best. Start with the ones that are your favorite and put your least favorite near the back.

Select Your Printer

Now that you have your photographs, it’s time to select the website that you want to use. Usually, you just need to upload the pictures to the website as opposed to downloading anything. Shutterfly and Blurb allow you to make high quality photo books for a little price.

You have the choice of either a hardcover or soft cover book. A hardcover book usually costs about $30 and the soft cover book costs about $20. But, these sites often run sales on these books or sell vouchers through group buying sites like Groupon or CrowdSaving.

Create Your Book

After you choose a website, it’s time to layout your book. While each site is different, most feature a drag and drop feature, which allows you to select your photograph and drag it onto your photo page. Before you start adding your photographs, however, you need to select a theme. The themes range from very generic to very specific, including holiday themes. You may even be able to create your own theme.

For a professional book, go with something very simple with not a lot of decorations. Blue, black and white bring out greens and flower colors. Experiment a bit with the different themes until you find one that really flatters your images.

Print Your Book

When you are done laying it out, preview the book to see if you want to make any changes. Then, go ahead and order it. You usually receive your book within one to two weeks. After you receive it, place the book where others can see it and flip through it.