Making a Lightning Photography Book

Lightening Photography looks amazing and can be used to create a unique photography book. These photography books will contain many original photos which can never be replicated. These photos are special because no two photos of lightening can ever be the same. Making a lightening photography book is surprisingly easy and can also be great fun. This photo book can be shown to other people to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Preparing Equipment

Anyone interested in taking photographs of lightening will need to ensure that they have all of the right equipment. By having all of the equipment you need, you will be able to capture the very best photos. A tripod is very useful as this will hold your camera steady while you are aiming and taking the photos.

You can use a fairly basic digital camera and lens. The easiest way of capturing prefect pictures is to use a lightning sensor. These detectors will automatically sense when there are lightening flashes in the sky and trigger your camera. This makes it possible to take high quality photographs that you can be proud of.


Although it is possible to rush out and get some good photos by chance, it's much easier if you plan. By planning carefully, it should be easy to capture great lightening photos. Watch the weather reports to find out when and where there will be electrical storms. This will allow you to decide exactly when you will be taking the photos.

Taking Photos

Once you have all the necessary equipment available, you will then need to start taking the photos. You should already know when there is a good chance of experiencing electrical storms. When you expect an electrical store, you will need to set your camera up on a tripod and aim it at a certain area of the sky. There is no way that you can cover every area, so you just need to focus on an area and hope that you're lucky.

If you are manually capturing the photos, then you will need to practice. Try taking the photos manually by pressing the shutter button when you see lightening flashes in the sky. However, this will be something that is difficult to do. If you want to make it easier then you should use the lightening triggers as these will make it very simple to automatically capture the photos.

Viewing Photos

View all of the photos and decide which ones are worth keeping. As with any type of photography, you will have photos that are good and others that can simply be archived or even deleted.

Editing Photos

When you have chosen the photos that you want to use, you then need to edit them. The problem with lightning photography is the white balance is normally incorrect or the shot is too bright. This can normally be easily adjusted by editing the photos using computer software.

Making the Photography Book

When you have chosen the photos you want to use, you then need to make your photography book. The easiest way of doing this is to upload the photos to a service on the Internet which will make and compile a hard or softback book for you.