How to Take Pictures in the Snow

Learning how to take great pictures in the snow should make it possible to capture some fantastic winter scenes. Winter and snow both go hand in hand. The great thing about photos of snow is that you can enjoy the beauty of the snow without feeling the cold. Taking these pictures requires some special procedures because the snow will reflect some of the light.

Adjusting the White Balance

Most people will use automatic white balance on their camera. This will adjust the color balance depending on the lighting conditions. However, the automatic settings can get confused in the snow. In order to avoid this, you should use the manual white balance settings. To do this, you could use a test gray card. The gray cards make it possible to correctly and accurately set the white balance for the photograph.

Important Photography Rules

Just because snow photography requires some of its own rules, it's important not to forget the normal rules. Make sure that you choose a subject and correctly frame your shot to grab the viewer's eye.

Wrapping up Warm

Photographing in the snow is great fun, but it can be time consuming. You will need to ensure that you wear plenty of warm clothing. A pair of gloves and a scarf is also very useful.