How to Make DVD Menus

With the popularity of DVDs, it is essential to create DVD menus, which can become a part of a movie that you have shot on your own. Here are the steps that have to be completed in order to create your own DVD menus. This tutorial will look at using Windows Movie Maker.

Step 1: Open MovieMaker

The first thing you need to do is start Windows MovieMaker, which is a program that is free to download.

Step 2: Import Files

If there are certain files that you wish to make use of for your DVD, import these by clicking on a button named "Import Media." Next, browse the selection of files and choose the ones that you need.

Step 3: Use a Storyboard

Next, take all the files that you need for your DVD and move them to the section called Storyboard. To add files, click on them and then use the "Add to Storyboard" option which is found in the menu section called "Clip."

Step 4: Publish the Movie

On the menu called File, select the button called “Publish Movie” and click it. This will help in creating your DVD. A window will pop up and it will ask you the destination where you wish to publish the material. Select DVD and then click on the button called “Next.”

Step 5: Open DVD Maker

Next, on the window that is already open, click "OK," which will then open up DVD Maker. Pick a title for your material and then save the file with the chosen title. Click on the button called "Save" to get the DVD Maker to launch itself. Make sure that all the required material is present and then click on the button called "Next."

Step 6: Make Changes

You may want to make changes to the DVD menu text. This can be done by clicking on the button called "Menu Text." Once the changes have been made, click on the button called "Customize Menu." To save changes, simple click on the button called "Change Style."

Step 7: Burn the DVD

Finally, burn the material to your DVD. Use the button called "Burn" to do this.