Calibrating Your Monitor for Photoshop

Correctly calibrating monitor settings can help the monitor to display much more realistic colors. All monitors will display colors differently and that's why it's important to correctly set them up. While the colors aren't very important when surfing the Internet or using it for word processing, they are essential when editing images.

Hardware Calibration Spectrometer

One of the best and most accurate ways of adjusting the colors of the monitor is to use a hardware calibration spectrometer. This is a very powerful system which will help you to correctly set the right color on your monitor. This monitor may sound difficult, however, it's actually very easy to install and run.

Adobe Gamma Calibration

Photoshop comes with the manual gamma configuration application. However, this is difficult and time consuming to use. You will get much better results with a spectrometer. These are separate packages but are very useful.

The new spectrometer software packages are capable of working on both TFT and CRT monitors which means they can be used on virtually all monitors.

Using the Hardware Calibration Spectrometer

A hardware calibration spectrometer can be purchased from the Internet and installed on your computer. Once installed, it can then be opened. This is a very easy to use package which makes it simple to set the colors up correctly. Follow through all of the prompts to correctly set up the colors on your monitor.

This software can be run as many times as needed until the color reproduction on the monitor is as good as possible. This will ensure that all editing is done accurately.