4 Tips for Taking Pictures in Hail

Taking pictures of hail with your digital camera can produce some unique and interesting results. However, there are a number of considerations that you will need to bear in mind. There are a number of tips that will make it much easier to take high quality photographs in hail.

1. Keep Your Camera Safe

Hail isn't particularly good for your camera. The most important thing to do is ensure that you keep your camera safe when photographing in hail. Consider using a weatherproof camera which will provide some protection. Also prevent any hail from settling on your camera as this could melt and get inside. If shooting in very heavy hail, try to stay under the roof of a building looking out as this will offer the greatest protection.

2. Use White Balance

Don't simply use the automatic white balance settings on your camera. You should use manual white balance to adjust the delicate balance of colors, which will make it easier to take good photos.

3. Charge Your Batteries

When shooting in hail storms, your camera will use up the power in the batteries much quicker. For this reason, charge the batteries fully and consider taking a few spares with you.

4. Take Lots of Photos

Take lots of hail photos and then decide exactly which ones you want to use when you get home and load them onto your computer.