4 Tips for Great Triathlon Pictures

Taking great triathlon pictures can be challenging. This article will look at some great tips which can be used to take great photographs of these races. These races tell a complete story which can be captured on film. This makes it possible to produce high quality pictures that you can be proud to show to other people.

1. Capture Emotions

These races are all very emotional. You can improve your triathlon photographs by concentrating on the emotions at the start and end of the race. Focus on people's faces so that you can see their facial expressions and get a sense for how they are feeling.

2. Get Water Shots

It's also very good if you can capture the competitors just as they start coming out of the water. When they first get out of the water, this will tell a unique story.

3. Fill in Flash

When photographing in daylight conditions, you might need to use the flash as a fill in to reduce shadows and improve the lighting.

4. Capture the Finish

The most important part of the race is the finish line. Watching the competitors race across the finish line is very exciting. You can try to capture the winner of the race breaking the ribbon.