4 Safety Tips for Taking Lightning Photography

In lightning photography, there is always quite a bit of risk involved as this natural phenomena is very unpredictable. You are also relatively exposed and most probably surrounded by objects like a tripod, metal fence, phone lines, power cables and so on, through which the lightning can easily travel and reach you. Although there is no fool-proof way of protecting yourself, here a few tips which can keep you relatively safe.

1. Gauge the Proximity of Lightning

As sound travels much slower than light, you will always first see the flash and then hear the sound of thunder. When the gap between the flash and thunder starts reducing, you should know that the lightning is getting closer and when the delay is about four seconds, you should start moving to a safer place.

2. Choose a Relatively Safe Place

The place which is considered to be the safest in a lightning storm is your car. So taking shots through your car window would be the safest, and you can install a clamp on the window which can serve as the tripod. Places to avoid are being under a tree or any kind of pole or tall structure.

3. Know the Wrong Notions

There are certain wrong notions that wearing shoes with thick rubber insulation or using a non-metallic tripod are going to keep you safe. These measures are definitely not enough to insulate you from something as powerful as lightning, and you should pay more attention to the main safety tips.

4. Keep Help Nearby

In the unfortunate event of a lightning strike, the person usually is not killed immediately but suffers from the stoppage of breathing or a heartbeat. In such a situation, it is always advantageous to have a person with you who can give CPR. This timely aid can save your life and also prevent serious disabilities.