3 Tips for Taking Great Boxing Pictures

Boxing pictures are challenging to take. The environment and conditions during a boxing match can made it difficult to capture sharp and clear photographs. Mastery of the camera and equipment as well as the effective manipulation of the use of existing available light can help in capturing great boxing photographs. The following are three tips for capturing great boxing photographs.

1. Preparation Is Key

Understand how the sport works and the rules of the game. Read up on fighters and determine who to focus on prior to the match. Watch existing matches to get a feel of what to expect in terms of the action and the existing conditions. Previewing some matches can also help in determining what equipment to bring as well as what focal lengths to use. Experiment and practice with what settings to use. Bring lots of memory cards as well as a cleaning cloth for removing any moisture.

2. Understand How Light Works

Besides picking the right equipment, it is also important for the photographer to know how to work with the existing amount of light available in a gym or boxing match. Most gyms and boxing rings may not provide the right amount of light for action shots. Use the highest ISO setting available. Expect low lighting conditions and bring additional lighting devices to compensate. Determine the right exposure whether shooting manually or in automatic.

3. Anticipate the Shot

See the action before it occurs and take the shot before it happens. Start clicking at least a second before the big punch. This may produce a lot of unwanted photographs but it increases the likelihood of capturing the perfect shot.