3 Tips for Polar Bear Photography

Imagine yourself being on one of those polar cruises and for the first time trying your hand at bear photography during one of the cruise’s stopovers. It’s not a far-fetched idea since polar bears are some of the more docile bears that can be photographed. Take note of these tips before you try taking pictures of the nearest polar bear in sight:

1. Bring an Expert Along

There are many aspects about the polar bear that needs to be considered if you want to take pictures, such as how close you can get, the bear’s boundaries, the company it keeps, etc. Ask an expert to assist you when photographing these bears just to be sure you can do it safely. It’s worth the extra amount you will pay.

2. Respect Territories

Just keep in mind that even if those bears aren’t howling and growling, that doesn’t mean you can just crash into their company brandishing your camera. You need to consider that you are a visitor (or trespasser) in their home and you should be amenable to their rules. This is especially true if it’s a mama bear with her cubs or a papa bear with his pregnant mate, so do be careful. If you don’t need to go up close and personal, just use a powerful zoom lens and click away.

3. Research First

Even if you do have an expert or tour guide with you during your photo shoot, it’s still best that you have at least an idea of the polar bear’s temperament and habits. It’s always a must for any photographer to research his subjects before going on an actual shoot, and taking bear photos are no exception to this rule.

Though beautiful photos are what you aim for, you must also keep in mind your safety. Though the polar bear is a majestic photographic subject, caution and wisdom are necessities when dealing with this animal. Make the most of your polar cruise by taking bear photos, but always be alert.